Maintenance Tips

  • To help prevent your pipes from freezing, always remove hoses from the outside faucets.
  • If your toilet is flushing but not plugged up (overflowing), put tons of vinegar in the tank. This will eat away at calcium deposits.
  • Sprinkler Blowout: Everyone knows this, and yet every year people procrastinate long enough to ruin pipes and sprinkler heads.  Get it done early, your yard will be fine.
  • Find out where your stop valve is located on the incoming water supply main and label it. Check occassionally that it is working.
  • Check the condition of flexible hosepipes to plumbed-in domestic appliances at regular  intervals
  • Make a note of your Registered Plumbing or Heating Professional telephone number for future reference, which is 1-800-870-0193.