Handyman Repair

What is a handyman?

A true handyman is a craftsman who has been properly trained in carpentry, millwork, electrical, structural sheet metal, painting, roofing and most other tasks required to properly maintain and repair your home.

Why use handyman services?

With 30+ years in almost every facet of the home repair industry, we offer stability, craftsmanship and the desire to build a long term relationship with you and your family. We are locally owned and operated with our office phone rings on the desk of a professional determined to bring solutions to your problem.  You won’t have to hunt us down should a problem occur, we will be right there taking care of it.

Is there a distinction between a general contractor and a handyman?

It is generally assumed that a handyman, being a jack of many trades, performs the work himself. The general contractor,on the other hand, hires more specialized subcontractors(or handymen) to perform some or all of the construction work.

Repair Water-stained ceilings.

Following a roof leak, there is usually a yellow or brown stain on the ceiling below. Don’t paint right over the stain as it will likely show through. Simply seal the stain with a stain sealer and then repaint the ceiling. You can try to touch up the area, but you’ll likely find that the entire ceiling needs to be repainted.

Eliminate Water in the Basement or Crawlspace.

Keeping these spaces dry protects against dry rot, prevents moist air from being drawn up into the living space, and arrests the growth of mold. Depending on what you find, you may need a sump pump. Check out the Sump Pumps Buying Guide.